Rail & Hops 2018 Music

We believe beer and music go together like barley and hops...

Proceeds from the Rail & Hops Brewers Festival benefit SoundCorps mission of supporting our local music economy.

SoundCorps is a 501c(3) nonprofit dedicated to growing the music economy in the Chattanooga region. Established in early 2015, they devote their energies to building local music industry infrastructure and professional expertise through ongoing programs, events and initiatives. These efforts will translate into increased opportunities to experience Chattanooga music.

Danimal Planet

Electronic Rock geared towards face melting psychedelia.

"With influence from the likes of Sigur Ros, Alt-J, Flaming Lips, their sound was one of the most intriguing of the festival. Even the rain couldn’t tear the crowd away from their inspiring set that methodically built soundscapes layered together to form a rich and vibrant work of art unlike any other." - Katie Davis/Hype Music Festivals

Johnny Balik 

Johhny Balik is a singer-songwriter. multi-instrumentalist that fuses organic and pop sounds with truthful and inspiring lyrics, his vocal technigques range from a fragile falsetto to a soaring full voice, imparting a unique style of songwriting that instantly draws a listener. 

Ashley and the X's

If Tom Waits and Etta James were to have a musical love child, the result would be Ashley and the X's. Formed in 2009, Ashley and the X's combines the sultry and commanding vocals of Ashley Hicks with the steadfast ease of the X's ; Matt Shigekawa (guitar), Eric Parham (multi-instrumentalis), and Dan Walker (drums). With influences from 1950's doo wop to metal, they are sure to keep your ears awake and your heart on beat.


Okinawa makes genre-bending music with fidelity in craft, 86 token persona.

Caleb and the Gents

Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen are indeed the “New wine in an old bottle” that fits the prescription for a new generation of revivalists. They bridge the gap between the music of the old-timey speakeasies and juke joints with the voice of a new generation by blending the timeless traditions of Americana and Western Swing with a uniquely hot and fresh flavor that transcends genre. Their acoustic brass ‘n’ brew-grass tunes include raucous barnburners and heart-breaking ballads that continue to intoxicate audiences with performances of the highest spirits. Whether on the river or on the rug, Caleb & the Gents are here to serve and sweep you off your feet, so drink ‘em down and get ready to dance!

Solar Moonshine 

An eclectic Chattanooga acoustic Jam band playing a blend of originals and creative covers.